Add a New Septic System to Your Property

Go with us for septic tank installation anywhere

If you've built a new home that can't connect to the local sewer, you'll need a septic system. With help from Central Septic and Plumbing, you can get a system installed that's built to last.

Our septic tank installation service is made to be convenient and easy for you. Our team can survey your land and determine the type of septic tank and water lines you need. Then, we'll get to work handling the entire project, from excavation to installation.

Set up a date for septic tank installation anywhere in the Lilburn, GA region. including metro Atlanta!

Get the right septic system for your needs

Our crew is here to provide you with the septic system that's right for your home. Turn to us for:

  • Pressurized septic systems
  • Pipe and gravel field systems
  • Mounds and raised field systems

From water line installation to septic tank installation, leave the entire job to us. Reach out now to discuss your specific needs.